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"No-nonsense" consulting by truly experienced experts - tailored services and sustainable solutions












We believe that only absolute honesty  will enable a solid and trustful relationship with our customers. We will always say what we believe and not what the customers might want to hear.

Our expert network has only senior experts with proven track record. Most of us have more that 20 years experience as leaders in large, global companies - within many industry sectors and cultures.

We only believe in straight forward discussions that have meaningful content. We mean what we say.




Based on the proven skills and core competencies of our experts we are able to provide

pragmatic and efficient support.


We have many proven general managers in our team. Most of us have led companies of various size and nature in multiple countries.

Engineering &

Innovation Management

Many of our experts have held positions as engineering manager in their career.
Innovation processes, patents and leading creative teams are part of our nature.

Project &

Program Management

Some experts in our network are strong project managers with a proven track record, leading very large projects and programms.
We promote Prince2, the MSP aproach ang Agile.

Leadership &


Developing teams and individuals was a large part of our careers.
We know what really motivates people and all HR facettes, from hiring to people development to closing companies.

Lean Management

We have LEAN experts in our team that worked most of their career in manufacturing environments helping streamline processes.
Kaizen, 5S and planning are our strong suits. We keep constant contract with Japanese Lean-Gurus in order to stay up to date.

Corporate Governance/

Risk Management

The creation and steering of company boards and family boards in part of our competencies.
INSEAD education combined with active mandates in boards is our track record. We have as well many years of experience in enterprise risk management.
We also participate in activities of ILA.

Some of our experts have been IT managers in their career and know very well what it takes to have a good interaction between the operational business
and the IT world. We led global implementations, digital transformation and created created complex interfaces.
Traxxion is also member of the ICT Cluster.

Digital & IT

Some of our experts have been leading supply chain departments in global companies and
know very well the impact of supply chain on cost and performance.

Supply Chain

Our production experts have held positions as production managers and manufacturing GMS during the course of our career - this is a multinational
and multisite context. High precision maching is part of our knowledge. We have also a solide track record of leading Industry 4.0 projects
and have relationships to technology providers - we are also a member of the luxe Digital Innovation Hub.
Traxxion is also a member of the Cluster Manufacturing.

Production Management

Industry 4.0

Creating and executing sales strategies is a skill that is well represented in our network.
The range of experience includes B2B as well as B2C environments - regional and global structures.

Sales &

Business Development


TrAxxion is accredited for the Fit4Sustainability program. The objective of the program is to help companies assess and reduce their environmental impact in order to decrease costs, improve their reputation and gain new clients who value a sustainable approach.



Based on our core competencies we can offer many different services. Our approach is always customized and addresses your specific needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more or if you would like to get some concrete references.

We are partners since the begining of this Luxinnovation programme.
The start of a F4D project is always an analysis to create the implementation plan for your digital transformation. It is always customized to your specific situation.
Of course we also lead larger digitial transformation projects outside of the frame of F4D.

Fit 4 Digital/

Digital Transformation

We are officially approved in Luxembourg for this program since 2015

Fit 4 Innovation

We have guided companies through this very delicate and sometimes difficult time at many occasions.
It is important to protect the value of the company and understand the needs of all involved parties.
As the situation is very often emotional and can have family aspect a neutral person can make the difference.

Generation Change

External and internal reasons can leave a company in a difficult situation and require a fundamental restructuring.
Based on a 360° analysis our experienced experts are able to create a plan to turn the ship around.
We are there to help you in the execution of the plan.


Based on our long time experience we can offer a wide range of services in this area.
This can be leading individual projects, the structuring of strategic programs, the training of project managers and project team members up to the creation and implementation of a PMO.
We are often consulted to bring projects back on track or to govern very complex programs with high number of stakeholders.

Project- &

Program Management

We are able by using different approaches to create with you a formal company strategy.
The baseline for running a successful company is its strategy.
After the creation of your company strategy, it is important to identify and streamline all initiatives not to waste scarce resources.

Strategy Development

& Execution

We offer audits in various areas; processes, project structures, organization, risk,…
We regularly create "non-financial" rankings of companies as the financial numbers do not represent the full picture of company value.
Customer base, supply chain risks, people, assets and processes need to be part of the equation.
We can prepare your company for certifications,
audits and internal development - ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 17020 and 17024.

Audits /

M&A due dilligence

We can create and implement overlooking leadership structures that steer your company
i.e. boards, family boards strategy committees.
We are also a member of ILA.



Increasing the knowledge level in LEAN is one of our passions. The more your people know, the more efficient your company runs. We have broad experience in many different industry sectors and know how to make your production more efficient.

Kaizen Audits &


Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 4.54.28 PM-07.

We adapt and tune our training sessions to the audience. Increasing knowledge from the executive team to the machine operator is our skill. This can be risk management, project management, strategy definition, leadership,… - all of course in the required language.
TrAxxion is also partner of the House of Training since 2019 for customized trainings.

Personalized Coaching

& Training


“The booklet is an excellent guide providing practical help for leaders of companies as well as for project managers"

Volker Neuber - Managing Director

(Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen - Germany)

Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions


For the implementation of digital transformations the appropriate tools are needed. Over the decades, we have had to deal with a large variety of different software. Therefore we are able to recommend qualified solutions to your challenges and accompany you during the implementation as independent project managers. We only recommend software that is well-known to us and from trustworthy providers.

The leading production planning software from Japan with over 60% market share is able to holistically map all processes and orders of your company,
including external processes and supply chains.
Asprova also includes a separate module for planning complex logistics.

Production Planing

There is not ONE enterprise resource planning system for every application. Depending on your needs, we can create simple specifications to find the right solution. We rely mainly on suppliers from the greater region - direct contact is very important to us.


Structured business management is only possible with the correct and trustworthy figures,
which allow you to create relevant reports and easily allow analytical captures.
We work with locally based software vendors that we have known for several years and whose owners we know personally.


Many companies already have a variety of digital solutions. However, there is often the problem that it is difficult to manage information in a
structured way or to make relevant information easily available. By using intelligent information management systems IMS,
multiple entries or storage of the same information in several places can be avoided.
Furthermore, such a system can communicate with already existing systems.

Document Management

No commercial enterprise can survive without orders. Therefore, a structured sales management approach is important. Qualifying inquiries,
processing them promptly, managing offers properly and making a professional "follow up" is much more efficient with a suitable digital tool.
In addition, cloud solutions today can give sales representatives a lot of information to help them sell more efficiently - but also demand a lot of information
in this way and thus better manage the sales team.


Every company needs adequate office software. In many cases the possibilities of the standard packages, e.g. MS office, are not optimally used because
different elements are simply not known and possibly the wrong informatic setup was chosen.
With our experience in working with Office 365 and the tools it provides, such as OneDrive, Notes or Teams, we can help you to work more efficiently
with simple tools.

Office Software



Our team consists of people who are all experts in their respective fields. We know each other well, enjoy working together and share the same values. The basis of our cooperation is mutual trust and respect, and that we always want to lead our customers to sustainable success. TrAxxion's core team has known each other for over 20 years and has therefore had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience together. In addition, TrAxxion has a team of more than 15 other experts who are deployed on a targeted basis. TrAxxion does not do "boddy shopping" but sees itself as a family business of consulting. We always assign the best expert to your problem and make sure among ourselves that this remains so in the

course of our cooperation.

+352 621 374538




Mark has more than 30 years of experience in portfolio, program, project and service delivery management in the IT sector, as well as in petrochemical, manufacturing and finance companies. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and business management. Mark is fluent in Dutch, German, French and English and has lived in Luxembourg since 1995. His 2nd passion is weight lifting.

Mark Notschaele

+352 691 832503




Sven has a degree in mechanical engineering and has enjoyed business management training at leading institutes. He is a certified independent director of INSEAD. Sven has gained technical, commercial and management experience in Europe, Asia and North America. He is fluent in German, French, Dutch, English and Luxembourgish. In his spare time, he drives Oldtimer rallies.

Sven Mertes

+49 175 1690814


Stephan has over 20 years experience in Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing as well as general business management. His focus is on process analysis and optimization as well as on the implementation of production planning systems in manufacturing companies, ranging from small family-owned craft businesses to large process industry companies. Stephan has a degree in mechanical engineering and is fluent in German, French, English and Spanish. In addition to consulting, Stephan enjoys baking bread and tinkering with ingenious baking and grilling recipes.

Stephan Klang


+49 171 6840973




François has a degree in mechanical engineering and has worked abroad for many years. His focus is on general management, production technology and innovation management. He loves to design processes and introduce 5S approaches in small and large companies. He speaks German, French, English and Luxembourgish. His other passions are the Land Rover Defender, hunting and tennis.

Francois Styga

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 4.54.28 PM-06.

Our Story

The actual idea to found TrAxxion was born when Mark and Sven led a strategic project in 2004 for NOKIA, the then mobile phone world market leader. Both quickly realized how much can be achieved through pragmatic approaches, a clear strategy and efficient project management. From this idea, they defined our values and the "non nonsense"  approach that TrAxxion still represents today.

In 2007 TrAxxion started its activities with first missions in the field of project management. After some very interesting restructuring assignments, we published in 2013 the book "Zero Vector Mode Challenge" summarizing our pragmatic "no-nonsense" approach. Through the innovation price we won with our customer Luxforge on "Lean Management applied to an SME" and the accreditation as Fit4Innovation partner in 2015 the development of our services continued. The involvement in some major Industry 4.0 projects, the participation in the Fit4Digital programm and the partnerhsip with Asprova 2018 complemented our services with a strong digital dimension. We are also  proud to have very good relationships with important institutions in the greater region (Luxinnovation, Ost Belgien Invest, House of Training, ... to name only a few), as this allows us to voice the needs of our customers.

We are lookig forward to developping TrAxxion further...much more is yet to come.


We'd love to hear from you



If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please write to us directly - you will find all the details right next to our pictures. We would be happy to meet for a non-binding conversation to discuss whether and how a collaboration could be most effective in meeting your specific challenges.



TrAxxion S.A.
13, rue de Flaxweiler
L-6776 Grevenmacher

+352 691 832503


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